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Using the latest in design technology, we can provide an immediate boost to your business, instilling prospective clients with greater confidence. We specialise in creating user-friendly websites that attract customers and increase sales, at extremely competitive prices.

The re-design of your website will preserve the positive attributes of your current website, whilst making the necessary changes to the design and written content, in order to deliver a modern and highly optimised website, that clearly displays your key selling points.

A company's website has become a direct reflection of the company itself, with potential clients associating an outdated website with an inefficient, run-down business. So what does your website say about you? And how would you benefit from our website re-design service?

On the completion of your first draft we will upload a preview of your website to a sub-domain of Cambridgeshire Website Design. This allows you to request any amendments, while enabling us to carry out live testing.

We will not be happy unless you are 100% satisfied with your finished website, so whether you would like changes to the colour scheme, photographs or written content, you can rest assured our creative designers are happy to make any and all of the necessary changes.

Website Re-Design Services

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Full Rewriting Service

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Per Page

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Website Re-Design Services

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At the heart of every redesign is a strong emphasis on increasing your search engine ranking and click-through rate. We achieve this by writing informative and compelling meta titles and meta descriptions, optimising images to achieve fast loading times, and paying close attention to keyword density. These tried and tested techniques can accomplish huge gains in search engine ranking.

We also offer off-site SEO services aimed at attracting targeted visitors to your website whilst implementing an extensive link building strategy.



If you require web hosting, we will host your website with one of the UK's leading web host providers, ensuring the highest possible service for all of our clients. These super-fast and secure cloud servers are extremely reliable, providing an up-time of 99.9% or more.

Learn More About Vidahost Web Hosting.


Some of our clients may wish to make their own amendments to their website. With this in mind every website we design can be easily updated without any knowledge of HTML coding. The drag and drop simplicity of our web design software and vast array of video tutorials, enables us to say with confidence, we are able to offer our clients an industry-leading content management system.

Learn More About Content Management Systems


Before your website is published online for the world to see our dedicated designers, copywriters, proofreader and SEO expert will ensure your website is of the highest standard and an accurate reflection of your businesses positive attributes.

Learn More About Our Design Process.

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*£199.99 homepage charge; thereafter your website re-design may consist of a combination of our partial and full re-design services. Although the above prices are a good reflection of the fee’s we charge, some large pages may be charged more.