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Search Engine Optimisation has changed beyond all recognition in recent years. Conventional methods such as article marketing and purchasing paid links can now do more harm than good.

At Cambridgeshire Website Design we only partake in what is known as ‘white hat’ SEO techniques, which have their foundations in immediately increasing targeted visitors to your website. As a by-product of generating traffic, a variety of both high and low quality links will be created, enabling your website to rise up the search engine rankings.

Our SEO strategies are results driven, cost-effective and can run for as little as three months. To accurately price your search engine optimisation campaign we will first need to run an analysis of your competitors’ keyword density and number of back-links. We will then be able to offer you a monthly price for targeting page one rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Businesses such as Electricians and Payroll Services will typically cost £200-£300 per month.

Search Engine Optimisation

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