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With the online marketplace being so competitive, customers have the ability to come and go at the click of a button, so it is imperative that your website is designed to keep customers on your site for as long as possible. We implement a logical and easy to follow navigation system making it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for, helping to further increase sales.

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Our Online Stores Include:

Making and receiving payments online has never been as popular or as safe as it is today. Vast numbers of consumers turn to the Internet when purchasing both products and services. There has quite literally never been a better time to invest in an online store.

Many website design companies charge thousands of pounds to create a simple online store, pushing budding entrepreneurs out of the market. At Cambridgeshire Website Design our designers can create a professional e-commerce store from as little as £899.99.

Websites can only be seen as a sound investment if they generate sales. With this in mind every website is designed to clearly identify your key selling points, attract potential customers and to provide them with the information they require before making their purchase.

Online Store

Online Stores From £899.99

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It is vitally important every website is fully optimised for the keyword/phrase you are hoping to rank for in the search engines. We specialise in on-page optimisation. This requires writing informative and compelling meta titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and body text which has been optimised for your chosen keywords. For example, this page has been optimised for the key phrase ‘Online Store’.

When developing an e-commerce website this on-page optimisation must go a step further. We are able to research the keywords and phrases used when customers are searching for the individual products you wish to sell in your online store. This research enables us to write clear and concise product descriptions which are optimised to rank highly in the search engines.

We understand there is a temptation to use the standard product descriptions supplied by the manufacturers but, unfortunately, this will severely reduce your search engine ranking. By spending a little time writing unique product descriptions you can find yourself ranking much higher and therefore receiving many more potential customers.



We will host your website with one of the UK's leading web host providers, ensuring the highest possible service for all of our clients. These super-fast and secure cloud servers are extremely reliable, providing an up-time of 99.9% or more.

Learn More About Vidahost Web Hosting.


Every online store we create is developed using OpenCart, this enables our clients to  benefit from a large array of features. The OpenCart administration area allows store owners to add new products, special offers and manage payments, at the click of a button.

Not only is there an abundance of online video tutorials available but, here at Cambridgeshire Website Design, we offer free telephone training to every client.


Before your website is published online for the world to see our dedicated designers, copywriters, proofreader and SEO expert will ensure your website is of the highest standard and an accurate reflection of your businesses positive attributes.

Learn More About Our Design Process.

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